Business Terms:

The contract may be terminated in whole or in part at any time by the client or by the contractor. In such event the client will be obliged to pay for services rendered and materials received. However, if SMM  terminate the project in that case SMM will be obliged to pay back the money given in advance.

Commencement of Work:

SMM will work only after receiving the client notice to proceed from an authorized company representative. The contractor shall complete all work in accordance with proposal.

Terms for Payment:

The client will pay Full payment of Domain & Hosting. And 25% of development cost in advance.  Remaining amount will be paid on the deployment and testing.

If client will discard project after the approval of proposal (and initial 25 % payment) due to any reason then the SMM will not be held responsible for paying already paid charges. This is due to the fact that company used to employ resources in terms of both manpower and technology.

Time frame Variance:

To develop the website SMM requires regular meetings with CLIENT in SMM office. However SMM will not be responsible for the time frame if meetings are not held properly because of CLIENT.