SEO Terms & Conditions

SMM is providing SEO services and our priority is client’s satisfaction. We do not offer 6 months or 1 year contracts due to the fact that low competitive keywords can rank within 1 month and high competitive keywords may take up to 1 year.

Business Terms:

>>SMM is providing monthly SEO services and we do not offer any contract.

>>Ranking is not promised as it is governed by Google.

>>70% of Keywords ranked on Page#1 will be considered as order Delivered.

>>We provide monthly progress report in terms of ranking position.

>>SMM is not liable to share links resources or reports as it is our confidential property. (Links can be shown in our office premises for client’s satisfaction).


Commencement of Work:

SMM will work only after receiving the client notice to proceed from an authorized company representative. The contractor shall complete all work in accordance with proposal.

 Terms for Payment:

100% of services cost in advance on the start of month. If client will discard project after the approval of proposal due to any reason then the SMM will not be held responsible for paying already paid charges. This is due to the fact that company used to employ resources in terms of both manpower and technology.